About Us
Founded in 2011, we are a bunch of passionate and committed educationists, technologists and strategists who have come together to make a difference in the way social and informal learning can be captured, analysed, credited and showcased.

We Dream Big
Our Vision : To empower people with a power tool that helps them access, archive, link and share their knowledge making social and informal learning intelligent and visible and thus “Democratise Learning”.

Our Mission :To facilitate efficient social learning of the people
by creating a power tool for use by the people
to make social learning intelligent and visible for the people.
Wiksate Philosophy
Our story was drafted by the growing generation of learners driven by technology and their preferences to connect, network and learn through devices of choice- anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Our philosophy is to supplement traditional classroom (formal) with off-classroom (informal-social and experiential) interactions to create well-rounded professionals. Wiksate will help learners “brand” and showcase themselves to improve employability and growth prospects.

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